How does juliet mislead her mother

how does juliet mislead her mother Juliet's relationship with her mother, lady capulet, is different from a normal mother-daughter relationship the relationship of juliet and her parents in william shakespeare's romeo and juliet four hundred years ago.

Romeo and juliet the language of act3 feel the loss,,,,' the gap in their relationship enables juliet to mislead her mother when lady c is explaining how she has arranged to have romeo murdered this allows juliet to talk at cross purposes with her mother between lines 80 - 102 juliet can. How does juliet react when her mother first speaks of a possible marriage what does juliet's reaction reveal about her is she a dutiful daughter in what way was marriage different in the time of this play than it usually is today romeo and juliet. Get free homework help on william shakespeare's romeo and juliet: play summary, scene summary and analysis and she possesses an inner strength that enables her to have maturity beyond her years when her mother suggests that she marry paris because paris is rich and good looking. She breaks up the romeo-juliet kissing scene when she comes to tell juliet her mother is looking for her the nurse starts her role as romeo and juliet's go-between when she informs romeo of juliet's identity and later learns romeo's name. Romeo and juliet are together in her room they are sad to soon be leaving one another and wonder when they will meet again the nurse tells juliet that her mother is calling for her so romeo and juliet say their farewells. 1 what does friar lawrence suggest juliet do to avoid marrying paris 2 how long does the magic potion last 3 what does juliet threaten to do if she is forced to marry paris 4 who does juliet ask for forgiveness why 5 what excuse does juliet give her mother and nurse for wanting to be alone.

How does the nurse mislead juliet with her news when juliet thinks romeo has died, what does she want to do how is this an example of foreshadowing explain why juliet uses how does juliet convince her mother that she wants romeo dead. In what ways does juliet mislead her mother 7 what excuse does juliet give to her mother and the nurse so she can be alone 2 act i 1 the prince decrees that _____ 2 count paris asks lord capulet if. You may choose one of the projects below and may work on it throughout the reading of romeo and juliet remember how does juliet trick her mother into thinking she hates romeo beginning with line. Romeo and juliet questions explain juliet's answer to her mother when asked if she can love paris what does it reveal about her knowledge of being in love what is her attitude toward love and marriage. Lady capulet tells juliet she wants her to marry paris.

Category: papers title: portrayal of juliet's relationship with her parents my account portrayal of juliet's relationship with her parents length: 681 words (19 double-spaced pages) between juliet and her mother although lady capulet does not seem to. An 22411 romeo and juliet - comprehension questions prologue 1) a) how does juliet mislead her mother 70) in discussing their relationship, romeo and juliet again use night and day images why do they seem to prefer darkness over light. Romeo and juliet study guide explain juliet's answer to her mother when asked if she can love paris what does it reveal about her knowledge of being in love what is her attitude toward love and marriage - she is very smart to play with words to others. Romeo and juliet questions prologue how does juliet react to her mother's idea of marriage what does juliet agree to do about paris's wooing her act 1, scene 4 one piece of information about the setting - the time of day - is given by romeo.

Romeo is forced to leave when the nurse says that juliet's mother is on her way in lady capulet informs juliet of her marriage, and juliet refuses to obey in what ways does juliet mislead her mother 7 what would lady capulet like to do to romeo 8. In what ways does juliet mislead lady capulet what does juliet actually volunteer to do in relation to romeo to mislead her mother what news does lady capulet give to juliet what is her reaction.

Transcript of family relationships in 'romeo and juliet' act 1 scene 3 the nurse and lady capulet, juliet's mother, call her to discuss the idea of her marrying paris this is the first time we meet juliet in the play act 4 scene 2 & 3. It depends on what you consider to be her mother's request her mother doesn't ask her to marry paris in act 3, she tells her she is going to marry him.

How does juliet mislead her mother

Paragraph 2- juliet uses double meanings to mislead her mother it's about romeo and juliet in professional word discuss how lord and lady capulet react to juliet's distress when they come to her bedroom in act 3 scene 5.

In what ways does juliet mislead her mother 6 is juliet's response to her mother's news in keeping with her character and the way she normally acts toward her parents 7 when friar laurence finds romeo and juliet dead, what plan does he devise for juliet 9. Romeo and juliet, act v questions directions: answer these questions as we discuss the play you do not have to write in complete sentences juliet agrees with her mother and plans to marry paris ___t__ 20. Immediately prior to the quote, juliet gave a speech to her mother that made it sound (to someone lacking the key information that she and romeo are married) like she wanted him dead for killing tybalt. To say that is like saying that my father, my mother, tybalt, romeo, and juliet have all been killed, they're all dead romeo has been banished that news brings infinite death no words can express the pain. A summary of act 1, scene 3 in william shakespeare's romeo and juliet learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene but there are glimpses of a strength and intelligence in juliet that are wholly absent in her mother. How does juliet mislead her mother about romeo 4 what is juliet's reaction to lady capulet's news who does juliet say she would rather marry 5 how does capulet react to juliet's response 6 what is the nurse's advice for juliet 7. Get an answer for 'what the is the relationship between juilet and her mom in romeo and juliet' and find homework help for other romeo and juliet questions at enotes.

1 describe how juliet's mother behaves when she comes to inform juliet about the arrangement her father made to have her marry paris how does juliet's - 447618. Juliet belonged to a rich family in verona her mother would not had that much to do with juliet since she was born and juliet's nurse would have. Gcse (9-1) english literature exemplars paper 1 and paper 2 © pearson education limited 2015 gcse english literature 2015 will understand more than her mother juliet is surprised that her mother is visiting her room 'what unaccustom'd cause procures her hither. Like many other mothers of teens, lady capulet has her hands full with juliet sure, lady capulet does make an effort to reach out to her daughter now that she's of an age to be married.

How does juliet mislead her mother
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